Checking out the Rice testimony

I've been watching Condoleezza Rice testify before the September 11th Commission on C-SPAN all morning (the kids have been playing nicely with each other so I haven't missed much). At times I've found my heart pounding as this classy lady fends off the hostile questions of some of the members of the commission. I think she's doing well so far. We'll see how the rest of this unfolds and what the talking heads say about it afterwards.

Update at 11:16 AM EDT: Instapundit had this link to the script of responses to Dr. Rice's testimony posted at 7:24 AM (EDT I think). It's interesting that the Democrats on the commission seem so hostile in their questioning. They seem to be the ones that she most often has to fight with to finish answering the questions they ask her.

Parableman is commenting on Bob Kerrey's performance during Dr. Rice's testimony. I think he's been the worst of the lot so far.

Update 11:47 AM EDT: "I don't believe in beating dead horses but they are a bunch of lame ones running around. Let's see if we can't push them out the door." James Thompson, said prior to asking questions about Richard Clarke's claims during his testimony before the commission. Dr. Rice has been awfully nice to Clarke so far.


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