Junk food stamps

Minnesota Seeks Ban on Junk Food Stamps
Why is this a big deal? The government has every right to determine what funds it supplies can and can not be spent on.

"Angel Buechner, a working mother of four boys, says junk food is a bad buy for people who use food stamps like her family, but she doesn't believe the federal government has the right to prevent her from buying something special for her sons."

If junk food is that important to you buy it with money from your own pocket. Food stamps are to keep people from going hungry not to buy special treats. The government has a vested interest in seeing that as many people as it has influence over eat mostly healthy food. Lower bills now and lower medical bills in the future.


  1. the government doesn't have rights. Do you know what a Right is? The government has privileges invested to it by the rights of the people.

  2. Actually, I would argue that the government has responsibilities not privileges. In the process of fulfilling those responsibilities the government does indeed have certain rights.


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