Them's fightin' words

”Selling Out” Liberalism’s Soul: Slavery Metaphors and the Political Left
"...while I don’t believe that racism is indicative of the political Left, I do find that some liberals have become afflicted with a tourette's-like reflex that causes them to resort to slavery-era metaphors, particularly the charge of Uncle Tomism.

What is most shocking about the use of these terms and images is the relatively nonchalant manner in which they are bandied about. The unstated premise is that they are simply stating a fact rather than tossing out a scurrilous epitaph. While its use by someone from the Right would be immediately construed as racially motivated, the same does not hold when the slur comes from the Left."

The comments are rather interesting as well. I've already been called "a rotten liar". Don't you just love intelligent debate with the opposition?


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