Blogging While Pregnant II

I went to the doctor today and got a clean bill of health. I’m half way through this pregnancy and I’ve been feeling pretty good for the past few weeks. I’m actually starting to remember why I was excited about being pregnant. These days I feel pretty invincible despite wanting to go to bed at 8:00PM and not wanting to get out of bed until 8:00AM.

I don’t need to eat constantly any more which is a relief. Most of my regular clothes still fit. I’ve had to abandon most of my jeans. My maternity pants are still too big so I’ve had to pin them up when I wear them.

There must be some kind of baby boom thing going on in our area because every time I go to the doctor the waiting room is packed with women in various stages of pregnancy. This morning I spent two hours in the office because my doctor had not one but two patients in labour. All of the patients he would have seen were being seen by the nurse practitioner and she already had a full load of patients for the day. She agreed with me that something out of the ordinary was going on.

I did read in a magazine the last time I was there that the most common date of birth in the US is October 5th (my due date is October 7th).


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