The results of mad scientists messing with our kids

Now this is twisted and demented interesting.
Death by Theory?
The little boy that Bruce Reimer was never had a chance. As an adult, he chose suicide on May 4 rather than live in unbearable torment. Underlying his death is a theory that still impacts children across North America: that sexual identity comes from nurture not nature and, so, can be entirely determined by proper social conditioning.

Of his childhood, David later stated: "It was like brainwashing I'd give just about anything to go to a hypnotist to black out my whole past. Because it's torture. What they did to you in the body is sometimes not near as bad as what they did to you in the mind with the psychological warfare in your head."

...the Johns Hopkins Children's Center released two scientific studies that indicated "prenatal exposure to normal male hormones alone dictates male gender identity in normal XY male babies, even if they are born without a penis." If true, this utterly discredits the medical practice of reassigning the gender of babies.

Although Money's research has been widely discredited, the belief that sexual identity is socially constructed still deeply impacts our culture. A good first step toward reversing the damage this belief can inflict is to reclaim a word usage that has been virtually abandoned. We should use the word "sex" and reject the word "gender" when discussing sexual identity.

How many little boys are we torturing by trying to make them into something that they are not? All in the belief that there is something called gender that can be learned or unlearned.
Told to Act Like a Girl, another interesting read on about this little experiment.


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