What to read, what to read?

I don't read nearly as much as I should, outside of blogs that is. So I've decided to make a better effort to read stuff written down on paper. For the past few days I've been stalking the book shelves at home looking for a new book to read. I've already read or re-read most of the scifi/fantasy books we have. The ones that I haven't read yet are designated for bedtime reading with hubby. We've got tons of Christian books on all kinds of subjects but they're not really my cup of tea. I was beginning to despair that I wasn't going to find anything interesting to me until I started looking over my old textbooks. So what have I finally chosen to read? An old textbook from a history of medieval Britain and Ireland course that I took either my freshman or sophomore year of college. The title of the book is The Later Middle Ages 1272-1485 by George Holmes. I remember laying in bed and reading the thing cover to cover during the first few weeks of the class. Anyway, here's to some good reading.


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