Earth Liberation Front Strikes Again

I was surprised by how well reporters managed to keep a straight face when they read this lame a** reason for why ELF burned down the lumber yard.
Investigators are tracking a fax received by a Salt Lake City radio station with the heading "ELF" that claimed responsibility for the attack. The message blamed the Stock Building Supply company for failure to repair forklifts that have diesel engines. The message claimed the engines "destroy the ozone and pose a serious health risk to nearby humans and living animals."
ELF Claims Responsibility for Utah Fire, Fire May Be Connected to 'Eco-Terrorism' Group

And burning down a lumber yard does not? A lumber yard where with loads of wood probably treated with chemicals that are toxic when burned and released into the air? Man these people are bone thug stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! So stupid that it makes me want to reach out and do some serious physical harm to someone, several someones. And their mommas too. These are the same idiots that routinely burn down homes and businesses. I'm sure they are upset about the rainforests being burnt down but burning down someone's home or business, well now that's okay.

The folks at ELF have obviously never taken an organic chemistry course or if they did they slept through it all. Only a complete and total idiot would think that it is better for the environment to burn a building down, there by releasing all kinds of toxic substances into the atmosphere (chlorine gas being probably one of the mildest gases released), than to let it stand.

Now if their real motive is to intimidate people into abandoning things that they don't approve of then burning anything they can get their hot little hands on makes a lot of sense. ELF obviously doesn't really care about the environment, just destroying the homes and lively hoods of regular every day people because damn it they shouldn't be here the first place. That's it isn't it? That's the real reason why these ELF idiots go around burning down the homes of the evil, money grubbing, population growing capitalists.

God save us from these fools! Amen.


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