Reagan Memories

When I was a kid President Reagan was respected in our house. Why? Because the man knew how to protect his own. I remember my mother talking about how if you messed with Reagan or the US he would drop a bomb on your butt. That was a good thing back then, making sure that your enemies knew that you would give them a black eye and a bloody nose if you messed with them and doing just that whenever they forgot it.

In 1983 US troops landed on the shores of Grenada. A tiny little island in the Caribbean next door to ours that held little or no significance for most Americans. But I knew that some thing had gone horribly wrong there. President Reagan had sent American troops to set things right. That was something my seven year old mind could understand. Something was wrong and this man took it upon himself and his people to fix it. I remember that a US military helicopter flew so low over our house during that operation that to this day I swear the pilot almost touched it. The might of the US military was awe inspiring.

1983 was also the year my parents followed many of their family members to America's shores (legally thank you very much!). Some Americans may think that America under Reagan was the worst thing in the world but for my family, and for other immigrant families, it was still the land of opportunity. It still is the land of opportunity. Farewell Mr. President. Thank you for your years of service in leadership.


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