What's up with me

My brain's been working over time the last few days. Ever since I came across the Happy Juneteenth Day post and its comments. That and all of the craziness in this world have spawned lots of ideas in my head. I've four or five proto-posts in the works now. As soon as things calm down a bit at the old homestead I'll polish them off and post a few.

On a random side note. Hubby and I were up late watching Fox News last night. We caught Greta Van Sustren interviewing Henry Kissenger. At one point she ment to ask him if Saudi Arabia was a friend to the US. In some Freudian slip she said South Korea instead of Saudi Arabia. In the time it took Greta to correct herself Kissinger didn't look like he was about to say that South Korea was a friend to the US. Interesting don't you think?


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