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It's too early in the morning for this mess.
Lynch Mob

A south Boston school official who used the term "lynch mob"to describe a group of angry black parents has been labelled a racist and is facing demands for his resignation, reports the Enterprise.

Randolph, Mass. School Committee Chairman Ronald DiGuilio used the term in an April meeting in reference to a group of parents who said the achievement gap between black and white students was the district's fault and not theirs.

Minority groups in town have insisted that DiGuilio apologize or resign, but he has refused to back down.

David Harris Jr., co-chairman of the Randolph Fair Practices Committee, said the term has a negative connotation to people of color and should not be used in public.

From Tongue Tied

The newspaper article describes the accused Mr. DiGuilio as an upstanding citizen and public servant. From what the article reports of the parents behaviour they are acting like a lynch mob.

Rather than go home and make sure that their kids did the work necessary to be excellent students these parents formed a group to protest the "institutional racism" of the school?! Yeah that's right. That's the way to solve all of your problems. Blame racism and make the people who should be your allies in to racists. I hope Mr. DiGuilio continues to stand firm against these obvious attempts to intimidate him and make him into a racist.

These people have been fussing about this since April 15, 2004 according to the article. How much time and energy have they wasted on this that they could have spent on their children?

Here's my little bit of advice for the Minority Parent Partnership. If you are serious about your kids' education go read them a book or have them read to you. Help them with their homework now and then. Stop wasting time looking for the racism boogie man in the face of every white person who says something you don't like. The best way to ruin a real racist's day is to raise your children to be intelligent, hardworking, and responsible citizens.


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