Ah the joys of motherhood

Isaiah seems to be completely recovered from his gastrointestinal distresses of the past two weeks. And he seems to be intent on making up for lost time. He ran wild all morning until I finally hauled him off to his room for a nap. So far today he has emptied out the recycling bin, climbed into the recycling bin (with Ethan), tossed my garden clippers off the back porch, tossed several empty soda bottles and cans off the back porch, scamed some of my breakfast off of me (he actually tried to take food out of my mouth), dumped cereal on the kitchen floor, crumbled cereal onto the livingroom carpet, climbed onto all of the things he is not supposed to, tried to knock over a floor lamp, and tried to lock me out of the house (since the first time he locked Ethan and I out I try to make sure I have my keys with me when I have to do chores outside the house). And that's not even the half of what he's done so far today. Thank God for nap time!

Ethan was supposed to go to school on the school bus today but the bus never showed up. We kept checking all week to make sure that the paperwork had been done and that everyone knew that the paperwork had been done for him to start taking the bus today. I guess we should have checked with one more person one more time just to be sure. Ethan didn't much appreciate the break in his routine. He was very excited about taking the bus today and started getting very cranky when it came time for him to be on his way and he was still in the house. Fortunately hubby came home in time to take Ethan to school. They're supposed to have things straighten out so he can take the bus home. I hope so.


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