First Day of School

Today is Ethan's first day of summer school. I haven't had a neurotic "I can't leave my baby!" episode yet but it's early still. He doesn't start until 12:30pm. We manage to handle Sunday school pretty well, the only problem we've had with that is that Ethan is usually ready to go to his class before the class has actually started.

I continue my quest for information on how hubby and I can help Ethan ourselves at home. I hit a gold mine online yesterday at Sensory Resources. They've got an extensive list of books that seem have the information I'm looking for, training techniques, therapy strategies, ideas for dealing with the daily craziness and such. The prices for some of these books make my toes curl. As my dad says, they've got parents over a barrel, we want to help our kids and are willing to shell out the money to do so if whether we have it or not. Fortunately hubby has access to two university libraries. Between the two libraries we should be able to get our hands on enough of the books to determine which ones are worth the money.

Ethan has apparently decided that the most fun thing to do at the moment is sit on his little brother (who is still feeling under the weather). I've got to go take care of this.

Update: 2:13 pm We made the drop off okay. I had to relieve Ethan of one of his favorite VeggieTales toys before we let him loose in the classroom. Things could have gotten ugly at that point but Ethan was too curious about the classroom to make a big fuss. I also had to nudge hubby to get him to head for the door. He wanted to stick around and watch for a while. Isaiah doesn't seem to have a problem with Ethan being gone. He's usually asleep at this time of day so he doesn't interact with Ethan anyway. Isaiah does seem to be acting a bit more like his old self again.

Now we're chomping at the bit to go pick him up and see how he managed his first day of school.


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