I'm back

I stopped blogging for a whole week and the world didn't spin off of it's axis. Amazing! I spent most of my free time last week braiding my hair. I got tired of having to comb it everyday. In a few months I'll miss combing my hair and take the braids out.

La Shawn Barber moved into some new digs while I was gone. Things look pretty darn good over there. All kinds of other interesting things happened while I was gone too. Now I have to spend a few hours trying to catch up on what the folk in my blogroll are saying about stuff. I'm really bummed that I missed Bush's speech to the Urban League. Anybody know where I can find a copy? And did Sandy Berger really stuff copies of classified documents into his clothing? Part of me is having a hard time believing that a former National Security Advisor would do something so obviously illegal and then be stupid enough to say in public that it was just a mistake and expect anyone to believe it. The other part of me is shaking her head going, dang fool politicians at it again.


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