NAACP backlash

Lots of folks aren't too thrilled about Kweisi Mfume's speech the other day claiming that black conservatives are just puppets of the right. Well my friend, if there are this many of us in the pay of the VRWC you best start runnin' cuz we comin' for ya. I really wonder what the head honchos at the NAACP are smoking when they say stuff like that. And when will they come down from their high? Here's a run down of what some folk are saying.

NAA(L)CP attacks Project 21 and other black conservatives, Michael King

Is He Talking About Me?, La Shawn Barber

NAACP Head: "Black Conservatives are White Folks' Puppets", Booker Rising

Evolve, Already! and Welcome To The 21st Century, Y'all, Avery Tooley

Cat's out of the blog, The Black Republican

And They Wonder Why Bush Didn't Show Up, Miniluv

Tough love vs the bigotry of low expectations, Sisu

It Takes A Hustler To Know One,

"Uncle Tom" catcalls start up again, Expertise


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