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Ambra's posts on why she is not a Republican prompted my own reflections about how I came to my own political affiliations. I've been working on a post about it for a week now. It's currently two and a half pages and I'm not sure it even contains the half of the story. Right now I'm looking for convenient ways to break it up and perhaps turn it into a multi-part post like Ambra's. I'm also trying to get the sibs (who have posting privileges here but never use them, shame on you) to write about their own journeys to their current political affiliations.

Baldilocks has a post up about mixed families. Politically mixed families that is. It's an interesting read about how politics can affect family dynamics. In my immediate family my sisters and I all registered to vote as Republicans independently of each other. Dad is not at all happy about this seeing as he and mom are registered (and usually vote for) Democrats. He is anything but liberal but Republicans might as well be the spawn of Satan as far as he's concerned. I think he's lived in New York City for too long, he's drowning in a sea of liberalism (the bad kind). Hubby thinks it's funny that my sisters and I are registered Republicans while our folks are Democrats.

Dad behaves himself most of the time when it comes to discussions about politics but he has an unhealthy obsession with conservative radio talk show hosts. He seems to think they have me brainwashed or something despite the fact that I don't listen to talk radio. Ah well.


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