School update

It's stories like this that make me wary of sending Ethan to public school. After one week at pre-school he seems to be doing well. Ethan already seems more purposeful about trying to communicate with us. Instead of just randomly repeating things while he does his own thing he's beginning to purposefully look us in the eye and say stuff to us more often. It's really cute because he stands there looking intently at us waiting for us to make the appropriate response.

We're not always sure what he's saying but we encourage the interaction by asking him to clarify things for us. Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he doesn't. He brought me a broken video tape the other morning and asked me, "What are we going to do about this?" I told him we could wait untill daddy got home to fix it. He gave me a fierce frown that clearly communicated that that wasn't a viable option so I fiddled with it myself. Once I'd fixed the tape to his satisfaction he took it and wonder off to compare it to one of his toys. All of this instead of flinging himself and the tape to the floor and having a fit because the thing wouldn't work the way he wanted it to.

We've had plenty of opportunities to speak with one or more of his teachers and therapists everytime we dropped him off and picked him up at school. Next week he'll start taking the school bus so we won't be at the school every day. We'll have to start randomly showing up to talk to people.


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