Annoying the family

I confess, I'm a glutton for punishment. Last week just for kicks I decided to start proselytizing my family on behalf of the Republican party and President Bush in particular. My sisters are both registered Republicans but neither of them are very into politics. I'm not sure what my dad is registered as. Any conversations we have about politics usually descend rather rapidly into his disapproval of my choice to be a Republican and my choice to support President Bush. He never ribs my sisters about their politics because they have the good sense to keep their mouths shut around him. Me, I'm the irreverent first born making up for being such a good and obedient child when I was younger. Mom doesn't take sides in politics, she'll take a verbal stick to anybody (and I do mean anybody) that comes within range. She's the kind of person that every politician must dread having to talk to when they're campaigning. Mom can scare regular folk too when she's in the mood (my sisters and I usually get popcorn and drinks and enjoy the show).

Anyway, I've been forwarding emails from the Bush campaign and the RNC to my dad and my sisters (mom doesn't go anywhere near the computer, ever). I also sent them a link to the Conservative Brotherhood just to see if I could be extra annoying. So far the responses I've gotten are:

"your sense of humour is great you know that right?" (sis 2)
"YOUR POINT?" (dad)
"because why?" (sis 2 in response to "African Americans for Bush Launch Website")

Dad has called to talk to the grandkids and twice threatened to disown and/or disinherit me (I'm pretty sure he's just joking). Sis 1 has yet to respond to anything but she never responds to email anyway. Mom and dad are off on a cruise with sis 3 so I don't know if I'll hear from dad again any time soon. Sis 2 is home alone enjoying the silence, maybe she'll find the time to go online and write a post for us (hint hint).


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