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Dan LeRoy has written an article for NRO about black conservatives. He interviewed a couple of my fellow members of the Conservative Brotherhood.

Avery Tooley describes himself simply as "a regular brother with some right-leaning political tendencies." In other words, he's the kind of black American that — if you listen to the Left and our self-proclaimed "black leaders" — doesn't really exist.

Tooley isn't alone in propagating this heresy in the blogosphere, either. He's one of several black bloggers who make up The Conservative Brotherhood — a group of writers which also includes some women, like La Shawn Barber, a 37-year-old legal assistant and reformed liberal from Washington, D.C., whose own
"Corner" features a Christian conservative's perspective on the issues of the day.

From the veteran's perspective of
Baldilocks to
the playful philosophizing of
Ambra Nykol, the Internet is suddenly full of great black writers whose views aren't monolithic — you'll find almost-daily disagreements about affirmative action, President Bush or the morality of gangsta rap — but instead offer a vibrant, hip-hop generation alternative to the broken record of the civil-rights establishment.

One of the most recent additions is also one of the most
Booker Rising, a daily news clearinghouse that targets black moderates and conservatives and "seeks to counteract negativity, victimology and defeatism" in the name of the much-maligned Booker T. Washington.
My ego is trying to pretend like it's bruised because I didn't get a mention in the article. My more humble self (I have a few personalities that serve to keep the others in check) is busy stamping out that foolish idea.

My favourite part of the article reads thusly,

Even if the daily wounds she and her fellow bloggers are inflicting on the civil-rights establishment aren't always visible, however, it's worth frequent visits to their online worlds — to remind yourself that the battle for the soul of black America hasn't been conceded, not by a longshot.
Excuse me while I go ready my weapons for the battle.

(Hat tip to La Shawn)


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