Um, okay

I might just be throwing out any ole stuff up to get closer to my 300th post (this is number 297) but this IM conversation with my youngest sister (aka sis 3) was a bit amusing.

Sis 3: Hello:-D
Me: ah, yo
Sis 3: hi
Me: you said that already
Sis 3: watcha doing
Me: blogging
Sis 3: ok whats new on your blog
Me: go look for yourself, I just had my 10,000th visitor.
Sis 3: wow how can i start one
Me: um, why would you want to start one?
Sis 3: I do not know
Sis 3: bye
Sis 3 signed off at 9:44:46 PM.

Who can fathom the depths of the mind of an almost 13 year old? Wow that makes me feel old. I still remember the day I came home from school to find sis 1 excitedly holding up sis 3 to me at the front door. "Who's he," I asked (I thought she was a little boy from church that we were supposed to be babysitting sometime that week). "Not he, she," sis 1 replied. And that was the start of a beautiful, complex, and often frustrating relationship. Sigh.


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