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Shelley Hartman writes in referance to my post The New Black Freedom Fighter:

just had to drop you a line after reading the following paasage: How long do you think the last vestiges of racism in our society would last if they were faced with a generation of black people who were ready to walk the talk? Imagine an army of young black men and women well versed in the intricacies of American (their) culture, fluent in the languages of economics, science, domestic and international politics, and so many of the other things that too many now consider “white.” How long do you think the real racists that still cling to life in our society would last if they were daily confronted with men and women who by their very existence prove the remaining racists to be lying frauds?
I literally started to cry at the plain commonsense of it. Racism couldn't be viable when people saw the beauty and quality in that "generation of black people". How did the Sharptons and the Jacksons twist and pervert that simple truth? Instead of encouraging positive behavior, to further their own pathetic, unimportant careers, they, and other pimps like them, found a home in the democratic party in order to inflame and keep alive racism for their own selfish purposes.To see accomplished brilliant people like Condi Rice & Mcwhorter, to name just 2, vilified in the most condescending manner by unaccomplished thugs, it is literally heartbreaking.please keep up the good work.
shelley hartman

Well thank you kindly ma'am. I must admitt that I got a bit misty eyed myself when the idea first came to me.


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