Live blogging the debate

Blogs for Bush has a list up of folks who will be live blogging tonight's debate. Blogs for Bush will be live blogging the debate as well. I've got my official blogging pajamas (with optional bath robe) on just in case the blogging spirit moves me.

9:43 PM So is Kerry going to say anything other than Bush is wrong? And can we get some details please on how Kerry would do things right? I would really love to ask him if he thinks the President has done anything right EVER.

9:44 PM Another Vietnam reference, never saw that coming.

9:57 PM I wonder how many more Iraqis Sadam would have killed while we did things Kerry's way? Did North Korea, Iran, and the Darfur genocide suddenly spring into being the moment Bush became president? No. What would Kerry do to solve these problems? Don't know but we do know that Bush is WRONG.

10:09 PM Oooh, a question on character. This'll be interesting. Lots of mush mush but nothing new.

10:16 PM How much longer is this going to go on?

10:25 PM So the situation in North Korea is Bush's fault and Kerry served in Vietnam. Who knew?

10:34 PM And now the talking heads pontificate!

11:12 PM Win, lose, or draw, I'm going to bed. We'll see what every one says in the morning.


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