No more computer woes and other random thoughts

Hubby finally got his computer fixed yesterday so my computer is all mine again. Those of you who have been sending email to him through my email address can resume sending it to him directly. Since Ethan is off at school for a couple of hours each day and Isaiah seems inclined to take naps again it seems as if I will have lots of free time to do absolutely nothing. At least until junior arrives in another 4 weeks or so (hopefully).

I have two more additions for my list of Things I Really Look Forward to Once I Give Birth. The first is being able to get off of the couch unassisted. Actually it's really only one thing. Being able to out run a two year old again was the other thing I was going to add but I guess that's kind of covered by the first item of my original list.

I've got more fan mail:
I thought my wife Donna and I were an only couple. Here I am a white conservative man married to a black (Jamaican) conservative woman. We are alone in the world no more! How many more of us can there be? Liberals look at Donna and I and ask how difficult it is for us in this "racist" society. I reply the only difficult thing is being a conservative in the dem-lib whacko Greater Boston area. We must converse more.
God Bless Dan, and Donna L
You should have seen how excited I got when I discovered that there were other black conservative bloggers!

More email comments, this from sis 1 in response to an email I sent her about Zell Miller's speech.
I don't think Zell is all there. I saw him speak and I wanted to hide the weapons and get the tranquilizers. [She lives on a farm where they have such things] Did you see him challenge that guy [Chris Matthews] to a dual? I think we should set him loose on Osama. I would pay to see that.
You know, I would too.

And sis 1 on Kerry:
The only good things he has going for him right now are an ok looking running mate, his wife's money and Bill Clinton's heart trouble. At least he stopped griping about the war hero thing or have I not been listening?
Alright that's enough. I was supposed to be going to bed now.


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