The rise of the Pajamahadeen

(Courtesy Lindy Eddy)
Yes the Pajamahadeen, pursuers of the truth. We are the ones sitting around in our pajamas keeping a critical eye on the main stream media (MSM). We're not all male computer geeks blogging from our livingroom as one CBS supporter seems to think (I do a lot of blogging in bed thank you very much). We are the real rainbow coalition, men and women hailing from every ethnicity and walk of life. We apparently have more common sense than many in MSM and aren't afraid to call 'em like we see 'em. For the most part we know how to think for ourselves and we're not afraid to piss people off in the search for the truth. We are not going to go away. If anything, we are going to be even more skeptical, more critical, and more demanding that MSM get their facts straight. We want the truth not your packaged, polished, slanted, handpicked idea of what should be true.
[Insert evil genius laughter here.]
Thanks to Rambling's Journal for pointing out the pic.


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