Another debate

Hubby will be live blogging the debate tonight over at Parablemania (permalink to follow when he actually starts) so it will be another late night. Maybe this debate will bring on labour! That's the only reason for me to watch now, besides some morbid rubber necking tendencies I have when it comes to these kinds of things.

On a brighter note, tonight is the season premier of Star Trek: Enterprise. Yeah! I've been waiting for this for months! Hubby says they spent something like three days filming one fight sequence in the season opener. (Hubby notes in the comments, "The three-day filming of a fight scene was for an episode a couple years ago." That's a bit of a relief because none of the fight scenes in the episode seemed all that spectacular. Sorry for the error.) I hope it's good. Andromeda is on in a few minutes so I gotta go.

Up date: 9:55 PM, I can't take it any more. I'm going to bed. Kerry's trying to take credit for stuff that a Republican controlled congress was responsible for? Ugh, the word unctious comes to mind and not in a good way.


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