Blogging while pregnant: Week 41

So yeah, I'm over due. For more than a week I've been getting calls every day from the family asking if I've had the baby yet. I keep telling them to stop calling me but they keep calling any way. Family, gotta love 'em. Sis 2 is here for the week to help me put the house in order and take care of the kids. She's addicted to the Food Network and CSI. I haven't had a good news fix since she got here on Monday morning. Now she's trying to get me to watch Smallville. I do not do teeny bopper TV, not even for a beloved sister who's willing to chase my kids all day, clean my house, and cook meals for me. We're watching CSI for the third night in a row instead.

After two days here she actually said to a friend on the phone something to the effect that she was having a good restful vacation. She got the obsessive cleaning and organising gene that is pretty much suppressed in me. By the time she's done there won't be anything left for anyone else to clean.

At the end of the day we're both very relieved once we put the kids to bed. The house goes very quiet and we can happily eat all of the contra-band (read junk food) we want with out being stalked by two crafty and seemingly perpetually hungry little boys.


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