Bush on the environment and UK pharmaceutical companies

I caught the tail end of Brit Hume's show on Fox News last night. He ran a clip of a political ad campaign from the David Letterman show the previous night. I can't find a link to the video (maybe some one a bit more internet savy with a bit more time on their hands could find one for me?) but I did find the text of the voice over for the ad.

ANNOUNCER: "President Bush claims he cares about protecting the environment. Yet in recent days, across large parts of the country, something terrible has happened to millions of trees. Their leaves have turned bright colors and fallen off.
Help turn around this ecological disaster.
Vote for John Kerry --- friend of the earth."

[Insert evil genius laughter here] The thing is, I wouldn't put it past Kerry to blame President Bush for the change in the weather. He seems more than willing to blame the President for pretty much everything else these days.

I still want to know why Kerry thinks the President should be held responsible for a UK pharmaceutical company in the UK failing to pass an inspection of their facilities by UK authorities. And if it had been a US pharmaceutical company in the US failing to pass an inspection by US authorities I still don't see how it could be construed to be the President's fault. If anything the President could be lauded for establishing a frame work that kept unsafe vaccines away from the public. But hey, I'm just a girl blogging in her pajamas. What would I know of such nuanced things?

Update: GUESS WHO (and I think I can) comments, "SADLY THOUGH, HE APPARENTLY DID NOTHING TO ENSURE A SUFFICIENT SAFE SUPPLY." It was my understanding that there was enough vaccine for those in high risk populations, the elderly, those already in poor health, the very young, etc. Has that changed? As to what President Bush could have done to ensure that we would have enough vaccine for those who need it as well as those who don't:
La Grippe of the Trial Lawyers
"JOHN KERRY wasted no time jumping on President George Bush about the unexpected shortage in flu vaccines this year. Why wasn't Bush paying attention? He should have done things differently. And of course Kerry had a 'plan' to solve the whole mess.

If Kerry thinks he can solve the flu vaccine problem, he need look no further than his own running mate, trial lawyer John Edwards. Vaccines are the one area of medicine where trial lawyers are almost completely responsible for the problem. No one can plausibly point a finger at insurance companies, drug companies, or doctors. Lawyers have won the vaccine game so completely that nobody wants to play."

"So why is it that 100 percent of our flu vaccines are now made by two companies in Europe? The answer is simple. Trial lawyers drove the American manufacturers out of the business.

In 1967 there were 26 companies making vaccines in the United States. Today there are only four that make any type of vaccine and none making flu vaccine."

I suppose he could have imprisoned/executed all of the trial lawyers and bribed some American company to start making flu vaccines again. I wonder what Kerry would have said about that?
(Hat tip Instapundit)


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