I don't play those kinds of games

On Thursday, September 30, 2004 I received an email from one Nathaniel Livingston with a link to a photo of a politician's daughter (which he apparently sent to other black conservative bloggers as well). What's the big deal you ask? Well, Mr. Livingston seems to think that I should be interested in pontificating on the brewing scandal surrounding said politician's daughter. Sorry sir but I do not play those kinds of games. My one and only response to Mr. Livingston (besides this post) is this:

Not sure why you think I would be interested in the photo but here's a link for you: http://mt.ektopos.com/parablemania/archives/000787.html
Samantha Pierce

The link is to hubby's post "Outing Gays for Political Gain" on September 28, 2004. You can find the link to Mr. Livingston's response in the track backs to hubby's post. Hubby's response to this gentleman's obvious lack of understanding of the issue is entitled "Democrats Make Republicans Turn Gay," as this seems to be part of the thesis of his response to my email and hubby's first post. Any of you coming here from Mr. Livingston's blog can read those two posts. Hopefully you all have better reasoning on this issue than Mr. Livingston.


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