Last night's debate: my two cents

Kerry camp: Our candidate did good, Bush sucked.
Bush camp: Our candidate did good, Kerry flip flopped.

Did anyone really expect anything different? The only way that this debate could have changed my mind about voting for President Bush was if Bush had turned out to be Kerry in disguise. Nothing Kerry could have said would have changed the minds of Kerry supporters about voting for Kerry. The Anybody But Bush crowd could never be swayed by anything in a debate either.

I heard nothing from Kerry that I hadn't heard before. Still didn't hear any details about how he would do things differently from President Bush or why, just that the President is wrong, wrong, wrong. WHY, WHY, WHY, I wanted to scream. I admit that I'm biased against Kerry but I was at least hoping that he would put forth some plans that I could gripe about.

What was this business about "out sourcing jobs to Afghan war lords?" What kind of foolishness was that? I suppose if only U.S. troops had been involved in the fight Kerry would have complained about the President going it alone?

And Bush has facial expressions, who knew? I had a few facial expressions myself during the debate. I guess that's something Bush and I have in common. Makes me like the man even more.

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