Still blogging while pregnant

Today was my due date. I've still got a little 7 plus pounder dancing on my bladder. Sigh, it could still be another 2 weeks before junior finally puts in his or her first appearance. I keep thinking back to those days in college when I would fervently pray for God to teach me patience. There was always a little voice in my head asking, are you sure you're ready for that lesson? Be careful what you ask God for people. He just might give it to you.

We didn't really have a plan about what we would do with the kids when we went into the hospital. So far we've had more than one person from church volunteer to watch the kids for us. Today while I was making dinner I got a call from a friend who had just moved back into town volunteering to watch the kids while I'm in the hospital or just home from the hospital. Sis 2 will be here on Monday morning. Another friend from church has already spent some time helping me straighten the house out and is willing to continue helping out as well. My friends from my dance class have also volunteered to help. I honestly don't know what to do with all of the helpers I've got right now. A much preferable situation to having to figure out how to handle the kids, a new baby, and the house by myself. God certainly is good.

The kid's stomping on my bladder again. Guess this is the end of this post! (Actually, it's more accurate to say that junior is headbutting me in the bladder.)


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