Thanks all

Thanks to all of you who sent your prays and congratulations. Sophia has already got herself a double chin. She seems to think that our bedtime is just about the right time to wake up and take a look around at her new home. Efforts to get her to stay awake a little more during the day have failed so far (although, she is awake as I write this).

Ethan adores his little sister but his method of expressing it is starting to bug me. He imitates every sound she makes and so far that has just been sneezing and crying (Sophia sneezed at Ethan the first time he saw her in the hospital, it made quite an impression on him). It was cute the first few times he imitated her cries but now it's starting to drive me nuts.

Isaiah isn't really interested in Sophia much. He'd rather just hang out with hubby 24-7. Having someone smaller to compare him to makes me realise just how big Isaiah has gotten. The words stout, stalwart, and strong as an ox come to mind. The words, shady, cunning, and too damn smart for my own good also come to mind. He regularly evades those who are set to watch over him.

Gotta go make dinner. Honey mustard chicken is on the menu tonight. Yum!


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