Happy anniversary

Oh m'gosh! In all of the election excitement I almost forgot. 21 years ago today I first set foot on these American shores. I was very disappointed that there wasn't any snow all over the place. Below is an excerpt from the About Me section of my very much neglected website dealing with that great journey oh so long ago.
Things were cool on that little island; my parents were even nice enough to provide me with two other playmates. Sun and sand, hanging with my dad and his students, my grandparents on the farm. Then there was the big move when I was seven. We were going to go to America, New York City to be exact. How wonderful I thought! I would get to see my cousins and I would get to see snow and have snowball fights all the time (we went in November). The reality, I sat next to my dad on the plane and watched him cry as our homeland shrunk below us. I cried too because I thought if daddy's crying I should too. I was very disappointed when we landed. We didn't walk off of the plane onto the runway the way we did back in Barbados. There were no cousins to greet me and there was no snow. But it was plenty cold. We were hustled off to my grandmother's apartment on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn where we would stay for the next few years. A few days later there were some snow flurries. My sisters and I were so excited this was our first snowfall. I ran to the window while one of my sisters got a mug from the kitchen so we could catch some snowflakes. We managed to catch a few flakes in the mug and get a good look at them before they melted. We were very disappointed that there weren't more. This was our first winter we didn't know any better.

At first my dad didn't want us to wear pants. Women rarely wore pants where we came from. But after a few real snowfalls that rule went out the window. My dad is a very wise man.


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