It's the boys' turn

Okay, time to try to post something of substance.

In Christian circles people are always talking about what roles women should play in the home and in the church. Tons of books, magazine articles, and blog bandwidth have been dedicated to the topic. For weeks now one question has been repeating itself over and over in my head. What are the men doing? We spend so much energy telling women that their role is to submit, to be help mates, to be supportive. What are the men doing while the women struggle with this Herculean task?

Maybe I don't get out enough but I find it interesting that so little energy is spent on exploring what roles men should play in the home and the church. That's just not right. Now I don't have any answers about what the roles of men should be. I'm just trying to encourage some individuals who know more than me to take up the task. The issue of women's roles has been done to death I think. Time for some equality. Time to put the boys under the microscope and discuss in great detail exactly what they can and can not do.

We do a great disservice to men when we fail to address their responsibilities in the Christian context. So I'm asking you faithful reader, what roles do you think men play in the home and church?

Here's a random thought. We've had a feminist movement in the church. What would a masculinist movement in the world/church look like?


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