Post election reactions

Pajama Pundit has a round up of some of the immediate post election reactions to President Bush's re-election. It includes the good, the bad, and the down right ugly. I can't believe that people are going through all this drama because President Bush was re-elected. Everyday somebody else is carrying on about how the world is going to go to hell in a hand basket because President Bush won the election. Some are busy floating conspiracy theories about how the election was rigged in the President's favour.

Now the loss by Kerry is being blamed on those evil right wing conservative evangelical Christians. That's right y'all, the Vast Right Wing Conspirators have finally made their move. We conservative-evangelical-fundamentalist-Republican-Christians with the power to make the sky fall have taken over the country so watch yourselves.

Go ahead and keep talking trash about so many people in the electorate and see where it gets you.


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