Sewing a baby sling

Sophia likes her mommy. She is happiest when she is being held. Unfortunately this leads to many tasks left undone because they require two hands. I have a front carrier but Sophia has to be wearing the right kind of clothes to fit in it and it takes a bit of work to get her into the thing. So I went looking on the internet for baby slings. I once saw a woman in the grocery store managing two young kids, breast feeding a baby in a sling, and pushing her shopping cart without crashing into anyone. I was very impressed by her mommy skills.

Anyway, I found a website with instructions for making your own baby sling. Very useful since these things tend to cost an arm and a leg. I'll be heading out to the fabric store tomorrow after Ethan heads off to school to pick out my fabric. If all goes well my sisters- in-law will probably get baby slings for Christmas.


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