Update on Outrage in Oregon and a bit of fan mail

From Erin H in Oregon:

No follow up stories as yet, but the "Civil War" game with University of Oregon is this Saturday. I'm wondering if their suspensions will be lifted before the game. How is this behavior not unacceptable enough to have their scholarships canceled and get them kicked out of school?

I have enjoyed your blog tremendously, haven't spent much time looking at your husband's yet, but as a long time Internet user just awakening to blogging I am impressed with the impact that is possible here. I just looked at one today in which it seems at least one person was enlightened to the true agenda of the ACLU - although I admit I was a bit stunned that the ACLU is seen as benign by most people. I guess I live in my own little world here in rural Oregon.

Thank you so much for responding. I admit I didn't really expect a response, especially with you being the mommy to a new baby, but I do appreciate it.

I have to admit that I almost didn't respond to the email but I checked out the link just to keep that little voice in my head that kept going on about responsible blogging quiet. I slept on it after reading the article. In the morning that little voice kept telling that I should write something about the incident. So here we are. I'll post more info about this incident if there is any.

Update: Long list of links mostly local media.

OSU football player linked with assault Last modified Friday, November 12, 2004 11:44 PM PST

Beavers suspend defensive end after fight November 14, 2004

OSU football player accused of assaulting soldier 11/15/04
registration required

OSU football players suspended 11/15/04

Liberal Bigots November 15, 2004
"You may or may not recall the young black man that was walking down the street in Corvallis and heard someone shout the "N" word. It was not directed at him and he was not inconvienienced in any way, but it brought out the protesters and had some calling for OSU to give him a full scholarship as compensation."

Benton grand jury to consider fight involving OSU players 11/16/04
registration required

Flagrant foul Tuesday, November 16, 2004
"OSU's football program should have zero tolerance for racially motivated thuggery at a Corvallis cafe"

OSU Student Reactions November 16, 2004

OSU suspends four players following fight 11/15/2004 AP Posted on 11/17/2004 6:12:35 AM PST Comments

Riley discusses suspension of players November 17, 2004

Natomas Grad's Racial Attack of Soldier and Wife Thursday, November 18, 2004
"Another thought; is the media afraid of playing up this story because it would put the spotlight on the soldier's story and underscore his sacrifice? Especially when you compare the soldier's sacrifice to the life and opportunity of the 19 year-old graduate from Natomas!"

Headline Café under OLCC investigation Friday November 19, 2004
"In wake of OSU football player suspensions, Oregon Liquor Control Commission opens inquiry"


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