What about the content of his character?

Bush Taps Gonzales to Serve as Attorney General Nominee's Anti-Terror Legal Strategy Faces Scrutiny

For one thing, Cabinet appointments typically get a much easier ride in the Senate than lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court - another job for which Gonzales has been widely considered to be in the running. And lawmakers from both political parties would be reluctant to be seen blocking the first Hispanic attorney general and risk alienating one of the nation's fastest-growing voting blocs.[Emphasis added]
Maybe there is something wrong with me, but as I sat reading the article noted above I was struck by this one particular sentence. Now granted, I may be misunderstanding the syntax, or getting my context clues wrong, but are they really saying what I think they are saying? Would the fact that he would be the first of his nationality to hold that position be more important than the content of his character? Help me out here. Please tell me I am reading this all wrong. In my humble opinion your ability to do the job should be based on demonstrated skills not party affiliation, nationality or any other such thing. But again maybe I am reading this all wrong. So help me out people…


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