What do we do on November 3rd?

I've been wondering about what I should do with my Blogs for Bush logo after the election. Should I quietly retire it to signal the passing of the election? Or should I leave it up to show support for the President during the brouhaha that is sure to follow the closing of the polls tomorrow night?

I was looking forward to the end of this political season with the election tomorrow until I realised that the 2000 election fiasco opened a door that may never be closed. If you don't like the vote count litigate. I'm sure that the campaign lawyers are all sharpening their daggers as I type to plunge them into the backs of the American people on behalf of their candidate. No matter what the out come of tomorrow's election is we will be subjected to one legal challenge after another. Actually, they didn't even bother to wait untill after the election to begin the legal wrangling.

At least I don't live in one of the swing battleground states. That would have me out in the street menacing people with a blunt object trying to stop the madness.

Oh how I long for the days where you just went to the polls, voted, and that was it. Will we ever return to those simple innocent times?


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