Computer woes, again

My computer has issues. The somewhere between the power cable and the interface with my computer something isn't working right so it's constantly switching back and forth between battery and AC power and running down the battery. Add to that I can't check my email. I'll have to use the computer in Hubby's office which means I won't be online much. Can't keep an eye on the kids from up there. Better post this before the battery dies on me. Help won't get here for another two days.

Update 12/2/04: The computer fix it guy is coming today between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Yeah! I still can't check my email though. Boo hiss! It's not like I get lots important messages through email all of the time (it's mostly spam and porn emails) but it's nice to find the one real email from a real person every now and then. And I keep thinking up things I need to email people about.


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