Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. I have a story to share with you that I've been meaning to share for sometime now. One of the missionaries that out church supports has been sharing with us the story of one of her co-labourers. This is the latest report she sent last week.
Don Filiberto still remains joyful, even though he is still stuck in jail. It looks like the legal process may drag on several more months. Pray for Don Fili and his family, especially at Christmas. But the number of Christians in the jail keeps on growing, and they are eagerly learning, and then teaching others. Our local church has started to get involved in the jail, and we are trying to arrange an Angel Tree-type project for their children at Christmas. Please pray also for an ongoing ministry with the prisoners after they are released.

Several months ago Don Filiberto was accused of committing a crime against an indigenous family that his family was helping out as a part of their ministry. Don Filiberto has remained in jail even though it quickly became apparent that Don Filiberto was innocent and his accuser was more likely responsible for committing the crime. Because the legal system presumes guilt until innocence is proven Don Filiberto has been stuck in jail these many months. It doesn't help any that the legal system is quite corrupt.

Since Don Filiberto has been imprisoned a thriving ministry has been established in the prison. Please pray for Don Filiberto and the prison ministry that has grown up around him. All things do indeed work together for good for those who love the lord.


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