'Tis the season

'Tis the season for the Grinches to come out. This time of year we hear story after story about how all Christian religious meaning is being scoured from the celebration of Christmas. Never mind that it is the day set aside by Christians the world over to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Any mention of that particular fact is considered offensive, discriminatory, and a threat to the separation of Church and the almighty State. But not in my city, thank God. At the mall and the local Walmart I can still hear real Christmas music. You know, the stuff that talks about baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the wisemen, and Jerusalem. The church down the street rings its bells at noon and six in the evening. They play wonderful hymns like Be Thou My Vision and A Mighty Fortress is Our God. No one has yet complained about how oppressive listening to those hymns is. Even if they did I doubt they would get very far with their complaint. People still go caroling in their neighbourhoods and sing real Christmas songs. No one gets nasty when you wish them a merry Christmas. Well, not many people get nasty when you wish them a merry Christmas. The city hasn't degenerated to the point of calling its Christmas tree a holiday tree either.

But just a few blocks down the road at the university that's not the case. Some time back some students got into trouble for putting up a Christmas tree in the lobby of one of the dorms. The tree, and its decorations, were deemed offensive and repressive and discriminatory even. Any acknowledgement of the religious significance of the holiday is totally out of the question.

Throwing a hissy fit or threatening a law suit because some one puts up overtly Christian decorations or sings Christian songs in celebration of a Christian holiday is rather impotent. It's a far cry from beating and jailing people for converting to Christianity, going to church or simply owning a Bible. So to all who would impede the Christian celebration of the Christian holiday Christmas,

Merry Christmas! May you know first hand the love that made God take on our frail human form and submit himself to death on the cross to pay for our sins.


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