Battlestar Galactica review

Okay, so I watched the first two episodes of BSG last night. I want more. The characters so far are interesting. Gaius Baltar is so messed up you almost feel sorry for him. But only almost. Mostly you just want to wring his scrawny neck. Not that the actor has a scrawny neck but his portrayal of the character exudes scrawny necked-ness. His self centeredness puts every one else around him in danger. Boomer seems to have multiple personalities that are competing against each other. You can already see some soap opera-esque machinations trying to cover up the results of her internal conflict. What a tangled web we weave.... The humanoid cylon models so far seem to have split personalities or something. They haven't quite got the knack to being human. The back and forth between the rest of the characters we've been introduced to is fun to watch. A friend of mine says that President Roslin reminds her of her mid-wife. Interesting observation. That's all I can remember of my first impressions of the first two episodes. I can't wait for the next episode. This could get to be a habit.

One more thing. Everybody's got something to say about Startbuck being a woman in the new series. So far the new Starbuck hasn't impressed me one way or the other. She just is. I can live with that.


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