Flaming Atheist Strikes Again

Like a bad case of mildew He's Back. Tongue Tied reports that your friendly neighbourhood atheist Michael Newdow is out to make sure that no poor atheist has to be confronted with the fact that some of their fellow citizens have faith in God. He's resurrecting the suit to have the phrase "under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and as if that wasn't enough,
"Newdow says he also filed suit in a Washington district court to try to stop clergy from uttering prayers at President Bush's Jan. 20 inauguration. He said in the filing that such prayers make him feel like a "second-class citizen."
May I be so bold as to suggest that Mr. Newdow seek medical help for his inferiority complex?

The Beliefnet article reports that:
In the new case, Newdow has been joined in the suit by three families who include atheists and claim they are offended "to have their government and its agents advocating for a religious view they each specifically decry.
Allowing someone to pray is not "advocating for a religious view" it is simply expressing that religious view. Last I looked the part of the Constitution that allowed such activity had not been changed. If Newdow and his ilk are offended by religious expression then that's just too bad for them. Last I looked the Constitution did not have a clause or amendment protecting an individual's right not to be offended.

This is stupid, petty, and mean spirited.


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