How to cross the border illegally.

I heard about this story on the news last night and went looking for more information on it this morning. The thing that struck me about this whole thing is that with all of the information that this guide gives not once does it mention how to enter the US legally.

Mexico publishes guide to assist border crossers
"This guide is intended to give you some practical advice that could be of use if you have made the difficult decision to seek new work opportunities outside your country," the book says.

The book is being distributed as a free supplement to El Libro Vaquero, a popular cowboy comic book, in five Mexican states that send many migrants to the United States: Zacatecas, Michoacán, Puebla, Oaxaca and Jalisco. The government plans to print 1.5 million copies.

The book comes with a yellow disclaimer saying it does not promote undocumented immigration, and it repeatedly warns against crossing illegally. But it gives no information about the steps for seeking a U.S. visa.
(Emphasis added)

What kills me is that it's the Mexican government doing this! Not some misguided NGO or activist group but the official Mexican government! What the...? I'm sorry but when did it become acceptable for a government to give its citizens detailed information on how to do something illegal? This says a lot about the priorities of the Mexican government. Got citizens who are barely gettin' by? Why bother with making your country a place where your citizens can make a decent living. Just tell them how to sneak across the US border. Good grief!

The LA Times headline for this story reads, "Mexico's Border-Crossing Tips Anger Some in U.S." Well duh! They've also got a link to an acrobat file of the guide.

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  1. I can understand peoples anger, but has anyone ever stopped to see it through the immigrants eye?? The mexican goverment, wrong as it may be knows its people are going to be better off in this country. The USA has spent billions building this god for saken wall, and beefing up border patrol to keep these illegals out,and then people are still bitching because the so called bad illegals are getting through and causing more crime in our country. Ok, this may be true so we see the wall and all the other dumb ideas our goverment has isnt working. Why not take that money used on stupid ideas and put it into out immigration centers, strighten them out. Lets make it a litle easier to make it legal to be here for the Mexicans, hell we make it so easy for the Arabs, or Somalians, etc... the type of people that are gung ho warriors, blowing their own country up. The worst part is the people who terrorized our country already still have free access to us, or at least a lot easier access thanb our border country who has never done anything to even try to harm us. People have their opinions and ideas. The mexicans come here and take our jobs, and they send money back to Mexico for their families, or they bank it long enough and then they leave the USA and go back to their country to live. So what, we save money to live better why cant they?? And as for taking jobs, well americans if you would do it for a reasonable rate and stop expecting 18-20 an hour and then do a half ass job, why wouldnt someone get a person who will give it 100% for half the cost of one of us?? We do this to ourselves then we have the nerve to bitch and moan and of course put the blame someplace else, when will we ever take responsibility?? I lived and worked in MExico for 2 years, I was legal in their country within 2 weeks, why so easy?? That country is one of the most beautiful, safe, and loving countries I have ever been in. The people are warm and gentle.. my kids played in the front yard safe and well looked after by Mexican neighbors. We need to get our thoughts and opinions straight. We are the land of the free, yet I was more free in Mexico than I could ever be here. We lend a hand to those in need, really?? We have a country sitting right next door that needs us, yet we lend our hands to countries that want to hurt us instead, where is the sense in that. Im not a big political person, I am married to a man who is illegal, and I have been in this culture for many years. Im a born and raised southern bell, who if anything should be racist but I cant. My children are half Mexican and I never want them to see how we treat people of their own race. I dont condone illegals but I have seen the other side and I know they are just normal people like us that want a better life. Can we stop all this bitching about illegals and start talking to people in office, make them see we need huge change in our policies and in our immigration services. Stop letting in the bad and let inthe people who can make more of our counrty, after all if it wasnt for immigrants who founded our country where would we be now??

  2. Please, lay off the cussing.

    Being a legal immigrant myself I well understand the forces that drive one to leave the country of their birth for greener pastures. Being a naturalized citizen of the US I think that the whole process needs a lot of improvement and that's putting it mildly.

    Having said that I still believe that one shouldn't enter a country illegally. I'm a law abiding goody two shoes and that's really the beginning and end of it for me. The Mexican government is failing its citizens. Note that despite the current economy Americans aren't leaving the country to seek their fortune elsewhere and the US government is not trying to ship them off to some other country. We're just hunkering down until the storm passes. By being lax on illegal immigration the US, over many administrations, has facilitated and enabled the failure of the Mexican government to adequately serve its citizens.

    Legal immigration is a completely different issue. Legal immigrants should be offered a streamlined and hassle free path to citizenship which is not what we have now.


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