Is this racist?

(Until I can get the image right take a look at it here.)
I have to admit, I thought this was funny. I know people like this. I had a friend in college who refused to stop wearing shorts until the temperature was consistently below 40 degrees fahrenheit. After years of living in what sis 2 considers to be the frozen tundra I could be considered one of those people. Whenever she comes to visit during cold weather we always have a discussion about this. Me in jeans, tee shirt, and a fleece and she in thermal underwear, wool socks, tee shirt, sweater, hat, scarf, gloves, and wool coat. I wouldn't go running in the snow if you paid me but I have been known to take the trash out in my pjs.

My sisters and I also get together to laugh at southerners who fall out and shut down their cities over the occasional inch of snow that falls in the south.

The one thing that really gets on my everlasting nerve though is talk of "reverse racism" or "reverse discrimination." Backwards or forwards, upside down or right side up, left, right, or center, racism is racism. Discrimination is discrimination.


  1. "Racism is racism"

    I agree, but I think that might not necessarily be harmful. Violence is violence, too, but every now and then it helps things.

    I don't know how familiar you are with the Boondocks, but I love it! A lot of the humour stems from "putting the shoe on the other foot". I think this particular joke is meant to point out the lack of understanding between the races, not actually poke fun at white people.

    The character talking here is an exaggerated super-extreme black power activist who thinks he hates white people. (I think that exaggeration and extreme over-statement can be a very important part of art, but what would I know about art, I like Marilyn Manson!)

    But even if the cartoon is a little racist, the underdog has a right to have a go at the guy on top, I think. And on top, we must exercise restraint and humility.

    Take care, and keep reading/ watching the Boondocks!


    (I came across this old post while searching for Boondocks cartoons)

  2. I agree with you, Curtis !

    Racist talks of an "exaggerated super-extreme black power activist" character isn't linked to any racist thoughts of the author.

    The link on the American Infidel's post on free republic you've sent is also exaggerated, I think. A "white character jogging in the snow while dressed for warm weather" couldn't be compared to a "black man sitting on the corner, drinking a 40 ounce malt liquor beverage". One is funny, the other one is a sad result of our societies...
    No matter to characters' color ! Without any mention of color that turns to A "character jogging in the snow while dressed for warm weather" and a "man sitting on the corner, drinking a 40 ounce malt liquor beverage"

    Hope you've understand me as ameerican english isn't my mother tongue...

    Boondocks are great maybe mainly because of this piece of white (exaggerated) racism.



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