What she said.

I was too timid to call Senator Barbara Boxer a partisan hack after her performance at Dr. Rice's confirmation hearing yesterday but La Shawn Barber wasn't.
I don’t like Barbara Boxer, and not because she’s a liberal. That can be excused. I don’t like her because she’s a misinformed, envious partisan hack who hates the country that allows her the freedom to run for political office despite being a misinformed, envious partisan hack. I’d like to see Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Boxer in a real debate, not what passes for one in the halls of the United States Congress. Rice would intellectually eviscerate and pulverize her.

What are the ethical implications I wonder of first saying that an individual is qualified for a particular job and that you have no doubt that that person will get that job and then proceeding to accuse that person of being unethical? I'm convinced that the real test of a person's appropriateness for public office these days is how well a person manages to sit through a confirmation hearing while resisting the urge to vault over the table and slap around which ever senator happens to be painting you as worse than the devil at the moment. I've watched a few confirmation hearings over the last few years and it seems to me that people spend more time making speeches about what they already believe than on anything else.


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