Yet another mainstream media screw up

Instapundit has been following yet another mainstream media scandal. One Sarah Boxer of the New York Times wrote an article in which she speculated that some Iraqi bloggers might be CIA operatives. Here's what Instapundit has so far.

The one that started it.
The next one.
Some fall out.
More fall out.
Instapundit's most recent post.
Arthur Chrenkoff round up.

Claiming that Iraqi bloggers that are not anti-American must be CIA operatives or part of some elaborate psy-ops scheme is not new. When I first started reading Iraqi blogs more than a year ago someone would make the claim at least once in every other post I read. It was usually trolls looking to stir up trouble who made such claims. (They also said things like, "Your English is too good to be an Iraqi!") After a few months the accusations got pretty tired. That a journalist would repeat such claims...well, that's not really very surprising any more.


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