Lazy linking

I'm pooped today. More than a week of taking care of sick kiddies has taken a lot out of me. I think I'll just throw up some links for y'all to check out today.

On a another note, I want to say thanks to my regular readers (there's at least a handful of you now I think). I also want to thank those who comment and give me feed back and have offered kind words and encouragement. On to the links.

La Shawn Barber has been all over the Eason Jordan mess for over a week now. Check it out. She's also writhing on as well.

Tim Blair writes about New York Post copy editor Dawn Eden who was fired for inserting certain facts into an article about invitro fertilization. Discussion in the comments about whether she was right to insert the facts in the first place. Dawn speaks about the matter here.

Hubby writes about Terry Gross being out of touch and about abortion and coercion.

has come out of blog-atus (she's got some interesting characters filling in for her while she's gone) to talk about the Jeff Gannon "scandal". Like other intelligent and observant folk she wonders about the storm surrounding this man and the relative silence about Eason Jordan's claim that the US military is deliberately targeting journalists in Iraq.


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