"In the darkness I rise"

I like songs that paint vivid pictures in my mind either with the lyrics or the music or both. "Icarus II" from the album Somewhere To Elsewhere (2000) by Kansas paints a stunning picture that moves mr every time I hear it. The first time I heard the song the music reminded me of an aerial battle between ace fighter pilots. I saw World War II era planes weaving in and out of the clouds. As I learned the lyrics I discovered that it was indeed about an aerial battle.

The music alone weaves a spell that puts you in the cockpit with the pilot. It has you soaring in the air. The beginning of the song brings to mind a dark pre-dawn airstrip where pilots are suiting up and climbing into cockpits psyching themselves up for the task ahead. You can feel the sense of unease about what's about to happen along with the commitment to do the job and do it well.

The music and lyrics evoke all of the phases of an aerial battle. The calm before the first sighting of the enemy, the rush of adrenalin, the rapid evasive maneuvers, that strange calm in the midst of battle as one focuses in on the task at hand, and the moving send off as the job is done.

Icarus II

In the darkness I rise, long before the dawn
I was dreaming of home and the life I led
I can hear the sound, of the engines roar
And I crave the embrace of my empty bed
Where I'm safe (there I'm safe)

But the call is clear, and the task is set
And my enemies wait in the dark sky
Do they fear the same fear, do they dream like us
Do they long for the day when it's over
And they're safe

We are cruising above the horizon
Never knowing if we will return
In a moment we'll loose the destruction
And we'll justify all that we burn

Here the air is cold, but my thoughts are clear
And so I'm wondering why I must be here
For the evil that can come, from the heart of a man
Must be answered in kind 'til it disappears
And we're safe

Now we're cruising above the horizon
Never knowing if we will return
In a moment we'll rain down destruction
And we'll justify all that we burn

Here they come

Dodging all the tracers, sky is full of lead
I can see the pilots' faces
Safety in our numbers, eagles overhead
We are in the sight of aces

Flak, bursting all around
Friends, going down in flames

Now we're hit, it's happened
This is what I feared
Something's telling me my time has come
Though it should be panic, I can feel a peace
Strangely, now I know my purpose...

Hey boys! Hey, get out while you can
I'll try to take us home

I'm going home...
It reminds me of what American service men and women must be feeling now as they enter into various battles around the world.


  1. Hi...

    Just wanted to say that I feel exactly the same about Icarus II. Gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it.

    By the way, it is interesting that you and apparently you husband are both Kansas fans.

    And looking at the rest of the blog, as far as I, a total moron on blogging, can understand it, I really like the way you, as believers, stand in the world, :-).

    jan spiljard


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