More on Bloghercon

Someone asked the question,"Should Bloghercon be open to men?" I didn't know that it was closed to them.

Lisa Stone of Surfette is looking for input on Bloghercon. (She's also got links to a bunch of other folks blogging about it.) I'm partial to a location in the north east since that's where I am. Barring that a major metro center that's easy to get to and easy to get around in would be good.

Worker Bees Blog has several posts on Bloghercon the lastest being, "My reaction to more Bloghercon reaction." My reaction to the whole Bloghercon thing is, hey, why the heck not? If we pull it off great, I'll be there with bells on if I can. If not, oh well, better luck next time. But folk have been asking lots of questions that I think would make great discussion topics for a conference.

I'm not interested in doing the "we are victims" or "men suck" thing that some seem to think this must be about. It doesn't have to be. I am interested in meeting some other bloggers in a forum that recognises that there is something special about women.


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