Youy know it's time for winter to end when...

  1. The flowers look confused.

  2. The squirrels are wearing scarves around their necks.

  3. You see a squirrel on the corner with a cup and a sign saying, "Will work for nuts."

  4. You walk into church on Sunday morning and instead of being greeted by a chorus of voices raised in worship you are greeted by a chorus of coughs.

  5. You see a black woman wear a hat (not a church hat).

  6. You rave about how warm it is only to discover that it is only 25 degrees out.

  7. You stub your toe trying to knock the black ice out of your car's wheel well.

  8. The hotdog vendor stays home.

Sis 2 helped to compile this. Feel free to make your own additions in the comments.


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